Monday, March 9, 2009

Man Plans, God Laughs!

This was a repetitive line in a book I read last week, and boy is it true.
No matter what I have planned recently, it seems like something has come along to change my plans. We had planned on driving up to our cabin on Friday night, but too much was going on, and we didn't make it up until Saturday morning. That was probably a good thing. There was a huge tree down across our drive way. We had to park, then walk in, change clothes, get the chain saw and other cutting tools. (of course I forgot my camera). It took a couple of hours to get everything cleared off of the drive, we left everything on the side of the drive to be dealt with next weekend. We headed over to my mother-in-laws house after the tree episode, we were celebrating her birthday. Most of the family was there and many of her neighbors. We had a really good time. Sunday was birthday time just for the family, which I didn't know about and had planned on getting back early yesterday to do some school work, plus laundry, and other chores. By the time we got back I didn't feel like doing too much, and I had class tonight, which cut into my time to get some other things done. I really wanted to finish my Bunny Hill block and I have a wall hanging that I am working on for school that has to be finished this week. They say we gained an hour this week, I haven't seen it yet. Every plan that I have made for the weekend, something came up to keep me from doing it. Hope all of you had better luck.

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Becky said...

Yes, lots of laughter at my house, too! I'm a bit afraid to make any plans.