Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!!

Joe and I went to Mississippi over the weekend to visit with my mom. She is doing really well, she has her next chemo treatment this Friday. If all goes as scheduled she will finish her treatments in April. Please keep her in your prayers. On Saturday night it started snowing, and snowed most of the night. When we left on Sunday morning there was about 4 inches of snow there. Driving back to Atlanta was no fun. ( I am glad that Joe was driving and not me.) We had just gone through Birmingham when it really started snowing, and snowing, and snowing. It was still snowing when we went to bed last night. Needless to say there was no school today. I know we will have to make it up, but it was so nice to have the day off that I didn't mind at all. This is our front yard covered in snow. It isn't that often that we get snow in Atlanta. I tried to make a snowman this morning but the snow was frozen and really didn't work for a snowman. What can I say, I am still a kid at heart. At least I got some sewing done today. I am working on the sashing and borders for the Pat Sloan block of the month from last year. I also started an Easter bucket for my great niece. Now it is time to hit the books and work on a project for school.

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