Tuesday, March 3, 2009

National Pig Week

Sunday was National Pig Day, however since I love pigs I decided that this week should be National Pig Week. You can do things like this when you work in an elementary school. We have a display of pig books, with some really neat fabric I found online. You might think that there wouldn't be that many books with pigs as characters, but once you start looking there are really a lot; all of the versions of the Three Little Pigs, Olivia, Toot and Puddle, plus dozens of others. I am reading pig stories to kindergarten this week and serving "slop". I tell them I have my very own special recipe for slop and it is even better with sprinkles. After one taste, the slop is very popular, because everyone likes chocolate pudding. I found these pigs playing in the snow and since there is still some snow left in Atlanta this morning I thought it was perfect. Hope everyone has a great day.


Becky said...

I so wish that I could be a little bird on a wall and listen in to your storytimes. Sounds wonderful! What stories are you reading. Your "slop" is pure genius!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

PIG WEEK....you make me want to come back to teaching...I love it.