Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine Swap

I am a follower of Pat Sloan and a member of her Yahoo group. A few weeks ago there was the opportunity to sign up for a Valentine swap. I had missed out on the last few swaps that definitely wanted to participate in this one. The rules were simple, you couldn't spend over 10.00 and there had to be a dish towel included in the swap. I thought I can do that, so I sent in my info and a week or so later got the name I would be sending a Valentine to. My goodies which included a machine appliqued towel, stickers, a stamp, a notepad, white chocolate, and a heart wall hanging, went off last week. I was excited today when I came home and found a package from my Sloanie Valentine, Jo Anne in Washington. In the box I found a beautiful appliqued towel, a calendar, candy, a note pad, a stamp, a journal, a heart ornament, a magnet list, and a quilt coloring book. I love all of it. I especially can't wait to color some great quilt patterns. If you ever have the opportunity to participate in a swap like this I would definitely recommend it. Many thanks Jo Anne for the wonderful goodies.

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