Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy Bee Weekend

Weekends are always so busy!! This weekend, and it is only Saturday, has been very busy so far, busy in a mostly fun way. Last night was Thimbles night. This is the second meeting for our group since we became Thimbles instead of Sisters. There was lots of sewing and lots of laughing. (there would be pictures, but I left the cable for my camera at school on Friday). There was a large crowd inspite of the cold weather. Kristie was there working on one of her many applique BOM's, Katherine was working on the setting blocks for her applique Santa's, several of us were working on the kits we started in January. I had not even picked mine up since last month. I finished the quilt I had on my design wall, so I plan on getting out the Pinwheels on Parade from January to finish. Marilyn had some beautiful redwork Santa blocks that she was putting together, it was gorgeous. I love Santas and redwork, several of us wrote down the name of the pattern. The only thing missing last night was our Mother Superior, Pat, who is still at home recovering from surgery. Pat, we missed you!!!! I really thought about going back today, but too much other stuff to do. Now that I am back in school I had a project that is due for my class on Monday night, so I have been working at the computer most of the afternoon. I did take time out this morning to go to Sweet Home. You never know who you are going to run into there. I saw Debbie, one of the AP's from my school. We even bought some of the same fabric, and a pattern. I did try to restrain myself and not buy toooo much. When I left there I went to Gail K's, for fashion fabric. I got a beautiful piece of red linen for a summer dress, a piece of black linen for a dressy dress, and a navy linen and silk blend for a pair of pants and a jacket. That will pretty much be my new summer wardrobe.

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Becky said...

Where is Gail K's? Could this be a fabric place that I don't know about.

We had a great day on Saturday. Wish you would have been with us, but sounds like you had fun too. Please share your pictures when you can.