Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One more project down

I finally finished the quilt I had been working on for my great niece. She was born December 22, so I am not too far behind. Her name is Vivienne Noelle, and I have yet to see her. They live in Nashville, so it will probably be this summer before I can get up to see them. Any days that I take off from work now I use to visit with my mom. Mom is doing OK. She has had two chemo treatments and has made it OK. Her next treatment is scheduled for February 13. I plan on making a trip to Mississippi later this month to spend some time with her. I know she gets really lonesome, the fact that my dad passed away in September and she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in October has been really hard on her plus the fact that she is 78.
Enough depressing news. I made myself a birthday present, a new red scarf. Red is my favorite color and on my last trip to the yarn shop I found some great yarn and a new pattern. Yes I have to have a pattern for a scarf, my knitting skills aren't that great. I definitely needed a scarf this morning. The actual temperature was 15 with a wind chill of 1. Atlanta usually isn't that cold. It looks like tomorrow is going to be another cold day.


Val said...

I just love that baby quilt! She's a lucky great niece and I know you can't wait to meet her and gift her with it. And the scarf is beautiful. Red is my favorite color too and like you I buy patterns for even the simplist of things. It just makes the making go smoother, hahaha. So what pattern did you use? The yarn is luscious and since it has been so cold here this year I could sure use another scarf.

Nancy said...

What a cute baby quilt...Is that an Atkinson design..?

Happy Birthday Month!!!

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

Congrats on the quilt finish and the new great neice! Your scarf looks really really soft, and red is a favorite of mine! And don't feel bad about using a pattern - I have to use a pattern to make a dish cloth!

Becky said...

Your baby quilt looks great! Your great-neice is one lucky baby. You are so making the right choice to visit your Mom. This is a hard time for all of you.

Like the scarf! You look great in red, too!

See you tomorrow!