Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag, I'm it.

My friend and fellow blogger Gretchen tagged me with some questions over the weekend, I had to think about them before I could answer them. What are 5 addictions and 10 truthful things about yourself that you haven't blogged about. Ok, here goes the easy ones first, five addictions:
1. books
2. coffee
3. hot chocolate
4. reading
5. collecting cocktail napkins from the 20's, really anything from the 1920's
Now for the 10 hard ones.
1. I hate to be late for anything. I always try to be early for everything, even it means waiting on the other person. 2. I tend to put off the things that I really don't want to do, and do what I enjoy doing 3. I love heavy metal music. I hope to get some for my birthday. 4. I tend to start way too many things at one time, like quilt projects. 5. I love to do target shooting, my husband calls me Annie Oakley. 6. I don't like to be in a meeting where people aren't paying attention then have a million questions. 7. I love flea markets and visit them whenever I can.
8. I enjoy coming home from school in the winter, putting on my sweats and having a huge cup of hot chocolate. 9. I don't really like to talk on the phone, would much rather do email or in person. 10. I sometimes would love to be selfish, and do more things just for me instead of getting wrapped up in doing things for everyone else.
That is probably way more than most of you ever wanted to know about me.
I think that Kristie, Susan and Karen should let us know their deep dark secrets.


Gretchen said...

Thanks for playing along with the tag! I didn't know you like heavy metal music!!! Me too! We will have to compare favorite bands the next time I see you. Have a good week!!!

Karin said...

You beat me to the punch. I had to think on it when Gretchen tagged me. I still need to write it down.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!
When I first received your message, I was hoping that I'd won the birthday prize. Then, I found out that you'd tagged me. O.K. I'll do my best to answer your questions. Maybe, I'll still win your prize!

Becky said...

Good job. I'm having trouble thinking of 10 things that I didn't put on an earlier post. We could trade addictions. I can check yes on the first 4.
Didn't know you could shoot. You go girl! After the year that you've had, definitely go for number 10.