Monday, May 19, 2014

Two great books

As you know I absolutely love books and the last two that I read are the best, in very different ways.  Marie Bostwick's new Cobbled Court series, Apart at the Seams is  the perfect take me away book.  Gayla finds that her husband had at one time wanted a divorce and she just can't imagine that he was unhappy and would tell her this in a memo!!  The cad!!!  She moves into their cottage in New Bern and becomes a part of the Cobbled Court Quilt Circle.  Once again quilting comes to the rescue and helps Gayla reconnect with herself and with her husband.  This is a really good book, one that I would definitely recommend.
Natchez Burning is at the opposite end of the reading spectrum.  This is not a book that you can just relax and read for enjoyment.  I have waited on this book to be published for the last three years.  I love anything written by Greg Iles and had read that he was working on this book, however he was involved in a horrific car accident that interrupted his writing, he is lucky to be alive.   This book involves the 1960's, the KKK and how events from that turbulent era still can affect us today.  This book has special significance for me since I was born in Mississippi and lived there until my early 20's.  I personally didn't have any contact with people like this but I have heard stories about people like this all of my life.  This is the best book I have read this year.    What good books have you read this year?

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