Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You are only as old as you feel

Yesterday was the my birthday and there is nothing  like celebrating a birthday at an elementary school.  I had several classes come in and sing happy birthday to me and several classes that made cards for me.  One student made a card for me that he had to explain, according to his explanation I am now Princess UniKitty from Cucco Cloud land.  (apparently this is something from the  new Lego movie, whatever it made me feel good)  DH was his usual good self, roses a birthday cake, dinner and the circus last week.   I love the circus.  We were standing in line to go in and several people made comments that they couldn't believe that we were there and we didn't even have kids.  That is us!!!  Had a great time, saw several of  my students from school, they are always so surprised to see me outside of school.  Another part of my present was a trip to the High Museum last week to see the Western Art Exhibit.

 I never miss an opportunity to stand in one of  these things.  Annie Oakley is one of my heroes so it was lots of fun to have my face on her body.  If you live in the area and like western art this is a great exhibit.
Hope everyone has a great day, I guess I could say that an additional present was no school today!!!

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