Friday, February 14, 2014

We survived!!

Nothing like waking up to about 2 inches of snow on Thursday morning.  This was after a full day on Wednesday of sleet and freezing rain.  Our biggest fear was that our power would go out, and thankfully it didn't.  Some of the power lines were looking a little saggy but they managed to stay up.  I took this shot of a dogwood tree in our front yard about 7:00 yesterday morning.   It was so quiet and peaceful, the snow just adds a beauty to everything. About 9:00 DH and I decided to go out to "play" in the snow.  It was more like a walk, however; I did manage to get him with some snowballs.
Our house in the snow.

One of our neighbors was out walking and thought it was hilarious that we were having a snowball fight.   Like I say you are only as old as you feel!!  
After the snow walk and we warmed up with some hot chocolate, I headed back to my sewing room to clean some more.  I swear after this I am not and I repeat not letting it get so messy, between all of the wool and cotton it looked like a natural fiber disaster area. I can proudly say that the wool is now in it's proper place and most of the cotton is.  I realized that I never, and I do mean never need to buy any more fabric.  I realized while going through all of my fabric that my fabric taste has definitely changed over the years.  I disassembled two kits and decided that I would use the fabric for other projects.  One I did because I didn't like the pattern any more, and the other because I realized that I needed the fabric in a quilt I want to start for our bedroom and who knows if I would have ever made the other one.  I have sewn the binding on two quilts, now to get it stitched down. 

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