Monday, May 7, 2012

I won something

Last week I was lucky to find out that I won the Christmas Through the Year give away for April.  I was so surprised, because I never, and I mean never win anything.  When I saw the package in the mail, I couldn't figure out what it was, because I had forgotten all about winning. 

When I opened the package, I saw this cute Christmas stocking.  It is Christmas through out the year. 
Inside the stocking was this very cute bowtie quilt made from 1930's repro fabrics.  Thanks so much for the cute little quilt.  It is going to be a table topper for my kitchen table. 


Cheryl said...

So glad it arrived safe and sound..looks like the package had a rough trip!!! Congrats to you and thanks so much for being part of Christmas Through The Year!!!!

Kathie said...

congrats on winning, how cute is that little quilt!
love how they packaged it. enjoy it!

Becky said...

Congratulations! What a cute mini-quilt!