Thursday, September 8, 2011

September, Already??

Where did August go?  Oh, wait, I know, I had to go back to work. That is why there isn't as much sewing time, or actually time for anything.  This school year is really different for me.  For the first time ever I don't have a clerk to help out in the media center.  I go home exhausted very night.  I keep thinking that it will get better, but so far it hasn't.  It is times like this that I envy my friend Becky who retired a couple of years ago.  The only sewing I have managed to do is this the second block from Heartfield Manor. I  decided to step out of my box and mix batiks with prints, so far I like what I have done.  Can't wait to see the other blocks.  I really like the fact that with this BOM there is a mixture of applique and pieced blocks.  Hopefully, I won't get too far behind on these. 

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Anne-Mette said...

You have made some lovely blocks. Sometimes life and work make us so tired, that we don't get much sewing done in the evening. Important is to keep in mind - it has to be funny.
Have a nice weekend.