Monday, September 19, 2011

East Cobb Show

 The preview night for the East Cobb Quilt Show was last Thursday night.  I was so excited, since it was my first quilt show and preview night.  My friend Pat, was my date for the evening, (Becky got sick on me, hope you are feeling better).  Before we could go into the show and look at the quilts there was an award ceremony, I felt like I was at the Oscar's!!  I knew that I wouldn't win anything  but it was great hearing everyone's names called out.  There was a winner from the Silver Thimble Group, congratulations Linda and Leisa!!!  Way to go.  The Best of Show is the applique quilt to the right, I could never, never do anything like that, it was amazing.  There were over 300 beautiful quilts, I tried to get photos of them all, here are some of my favorites.  Melinda Fulkerson, and the East Cobb group did a great job with the show. 
The insanity quilt, yes, those squares are that tiny.

Civil War quilt from Homestead hearth.  Maybe this will motivate me to finish mine.

This was made by Amanda, a Little Quilts employee.  Great Job Amanda!

I loved this quilt, the colors were so different.

Here I am with my quilt!!


Gretchen said...

It was a great show! Loved seeing your finished Hocuspocusville. I am plugging away on mine and may finish by next Halloween:)

Quilt Hollow said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Sandra Henderson said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Ive enjoyed catching up tonight... Missed ya, your work is so pretty! Loved you NC pics, we are hoping to move up that way in the future....xo

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Thanks for the lovely "date" I enjoyed every minute of it. I felt like we were at the Oscars.