Monday, March 21, 2011

Farming Cowgirl

 I grew up on a farm in Mississippi, and the entire time I swore that I would never, ever work in a garden when I became an adult.  Well I am eating those words, and hopefully some veggies later in the year.  On Saturday, hubby and I started clearning off our new garden venture.  (our neighbor who passed away recently had given us permission to use his garden).  The plot is much bigger than we originally thought, Hubby is really excited.  We plan on planting potatoes, corn, tomoatoes, okra, beans, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, and watermelons. 

It is too early to plant most things, but we did plant two rows of potatoes.  Don't know if they will come up or not but we are giving them a try.  Wish us luck.  


Elisabeth said...

Oh how you are lucky who have spring time! We still have 4-6 inch of snow and ice on our felds :-( It will take a least one more month before we can start work on our felds. I hope you will have luck with your veggies in your garden!


Becky said...

Your sharecropper field looks super.

Ann Marie said...

Well I hope all your crops do fantastic, and you have more food than you can eat. I would love to have a garden even though I absolutely loathe weeding!!!