Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Out and about in Blue Ridge, GA

On Saturday while DH was out in the woods I was in the town of Blue Ridge having a wonderful time.  My first stop was Mercier's Orchards, I wanted to get there as close to the time as they opened as possible, that place is really crowed in the fall.  It was definitely a smart move, I got one of the last parking places about 15 minutes after they opened.  Look at the cute pumpkins piled up outside the door!!  I managed to get past the pumpkins and into the store for some apples, they have the best apples.  I bought, two different kinds, Granny Smith and Gala along with some fried apple pies, some candles and some Christmas ornaments.  Not for me for Christmas presents. 
After leaving Mercier's I headed into town to check out some of the antique shops.  Most of the shops in Blue Ridge really go all out for decorating.  Almost every store had a fall display outside their door, just enticing you to come in and spend your money.  I managed to contain myself and only bought things for other people, although I did seriously consider the framed quilt block below.  It was beautiful, but I am trying to be good.  If you are ever in the North Georgia area check out some of the fabulous shops.

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