Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Book

I can't seem to get much sewing done this week, but  have managed to get some reading in.  I saw this author on the Today Show this summer and thought the book looked interesting.  I requested a copy from the local library and picked it up last week.  It was my first book by this author and I really enjoyed it.  At the time I started it, I didn't realize that it was the 10th book with Gabriel Allon as the main character.  Luckily it is one of those books that you didn't necessarily have to read the others for it to make sense, now I  will have to go back  and read some of the other books in the series.  In this book a new painting by Rembrandt has not only been discovered but stolen from the man who is restoring it.  Allon is pulled into the chase for the missing paining by an old friend.  The action travels through Europe to an exciting conclusion.  If you are looking for a good mystery I would highly recommend it. 

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Micki said...

I love mysteries, so I will have to try this one.