Monday, August 9, 2010

Blueberry Picking

The weekend was spent up at the cabin.  I really needed to get away and relax for a few days after heading back to work.  I only worked three days, but I was exhausted.  There was no rest a the cabin. There is a huge blueberry patch not far from our cabin and the blueberries were just perfect.  DH and I stopped by and picked two gallon jugs full.  We get lots of whatever we are getting.  It was so hot,  I thought I was going to die while picking blueberries, but it was definitely worth it. 

After all of the canning and preserving I had done earlier in the week, I couldn't face that again, so all of the blueberries went in the freezer. 

I did leave enough out for a cobbler.  It was yummy.


Elisabeth said...

Your blueberry cobbler realy looks good. Have a nice day.

Becky said...

I don't think I've ever picked blueberries. Lots of figs and pecans, but not blueberries. Love the photo of the bush loaded with fruit. Hope this week is going better!

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh how delicious your cobbler looks! You know, Blueberries grow really well in Georgia! We have friends who have planted ACRES of them last year. We use to have someone give us gallons of them, but have lost touch with them through the years of living on the island. What a healthy little fruit adn so delicous! Glad you got to spend some time at your wonderful cabin! Have a great new school year and thank you for all that you do. You teachers are the most underpaid lot out there!

Linda C said...

l had a wonderful berry cobbler in Texaas last year and have had trouble getting it out of my taste buds. Yours looks pretty good. Recipe please??