Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stepping Stones or Amazing Grace

Last night while working on Carolina Christmas, I felt like one UFO was starring at me, there was a quilt that had three of the four borders on and it was making me feel guilty. I stopped what I was doing and finished it. It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern, Stepping Stones. Earlier this year my friend Kristie organized a fabric swap with several of the Thimbles members for this quilt, the only fabrics of our own that we were to use were the black and white cornerstone pieces. I didn't get to work on mine right away since my fabrics "went missing" for a while, our wonderful leader Pat accidentally took them home with her and it was a while before I got them back. At her suggestion, the quilt is now named Amazing Grace, what was lost is now found. I do fell great getting something accomplished at this time of year. Who knows when it will get quilted.


Karin said...

Yours really looks good. I was so disgusted with mine that I took the whole thing apart and remade it using a solid chocolate brown and beige for the four patches. I like it much better. I have a few rows left to sew and then think about borders. In the meantime, back to Carolina Crossing and Carolina Christmas

Micki said...

What a colourful quilt, and it really is a wonderful pattern!

TexasRed said...

I love the way this turned out! It's a beautiful pattern!