Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like.......

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. I shop for Christmas year around, work on Christmas gifts year around and plan my decorations. I decorate every room in the house. I started decorating over the weekend, I don't have my tree yet, since we get a live tree, that will come next week. I did get out all of my nutcrackers, or the little wooden b*******, as my hubby calls them. I really think that he hates them, he has even had nightmares about them. He shouldn't dislike them so much since he started my nutcracker collection. The first Christmas we were dating, I found one that I liked and he bought it for me. That one was followed by a couple of others that same year.

The next year my relatives started buying them for me. I have all different sizes and kinds.
One of my favorites is the little one int he photo above, a friend of mine brought it to me from Germany. I actually have three from Germany that friends have brought me.

I also have out my Christmas Cactus, which always bloom at Thanksgiving. They were really pretty this year. I have lots more decorations, but in my mind, if I bring them out a little at a time, my husband won't get to upset. He says that he doesn't like Christmas, but I really think that he does, he just doesn't like shopping.


spinningstar said...

Like your nutcrackers... I have some of mine out already.

When I was very little, my parents would wait until we were in bed on Christmas Eve before they put up the tree, so it was really a surprise in the morning. And of course, we would never take it down until the 12th day of Christmas.

Now, I start putting out decorations a little bit at a time.


Micki said...

I love your nutcrackers, and I also love to decorate for Christmas! Enjoy the holidays!

Susan said...

Yes, it is looking a lot like Christmas at your house! Love those photos of all you decorations!