Sunday, November 15, 2009

One success, one failure

Yesterday I tried to catch up on all of those things that I had not done all week. When we have our book fair, I don't do much of anything when I come home in the afternoon. I went shopping yesterday morning, I think I am finished with my Christmas shopping, I still have to go through everything, but if my lists are correct I am done. I still have some birthday shopping to do, Joe, my mom and my great niece all have December birthdays. After shopping I raked leaves, the trees have almost dropped all of their leaves. After all of this I decided to try out two new recipes. Joe found one in Field and Stream, (yes, Field and Stream has recipes) for Venison and Pumpkin Stew, and I had one a teacher had given me for Topsy Turvy Apple Pie. I don't eat venison so it was hard for me to tell how the stew was going to taste. I didn't really think it had much taste, Joe was of the same opinion. That recipe was definitely a failure, what he didn't eat went in the garbage. The pie on the other had was a success. This recipe is definitely a keeper. As you can tell from the large missing piece, Joe really, really liked it. The one thing I wanted to do yesterday was some sewing, but it just didn't happen. The only sewing I have done all week was to seam up a pair of pants for a teacher. Hopefully this coming week will bring some sewing time.

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