Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me

I can't believe that it has been twelve years since Joe and I got married, it seems like only yesterday. Of course we dated for seven years, so we have know each other for 19 years. When he proposed to me, he had already made the arrangements for us to go to Las Vegas to get married. That is what we had always said that we would do when we got married. It was a blast. I seriously recommend it to anyone, especially if you are older as we were when we got married. We were married at the Little Chapel of the West, which is down the street from the Luxor. It is the chapel from the movie Viva Las Vegas. We spent a couple of days in Vegas then went to the Grand Canyon for our honeymoon. If you have never been to Las Vegas I think it is a trip everyone should make once in their lives, don't stay for a week, a couple of days is definitely long enough. It was a great trip, one that I am thinking fondly of today as I prepare to do yard work.


Becky said...

Happy Anniversary! I just realized that it was the 8th. The days have gotten "slurred" together. Love the story of your wedding in Vegas. Hope that you have a special day. Don't stay in the yard too long!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! My husband and I just celebrated our 39th anniversary on June 6!