Monday, June 22, 2009

Design Wall Monday, Fit for a Queen

I can't believe that it is Monday again, where do the weeks go? We had a very busy weekend, my husband's niece came up to spend the weekend with us, so that meant lots and lots of cooking. She is a student at Georgia Southern and doesn't get home cooked meals too often, so I made all of her favorites. With all of that cooking, (plus we got stuck in the traffic on Saturday on 85 South for almost 2 hours) I did very little sewing. I did however manage to get a little done.
I have to get busy, since I decided on a bed over the weekend. After going back and forth, and forth and back I decided on the iron bed.
Just in case you don't remember here it is again. Of course when I went back to the store they told me it would have to be ordered, which means I have a month to get busy
and get my first Queen Size quilt made. It is what is on my design wall this week. I got the fabric several years ago and knew I wanted to do something special with it, but didn't know what at the time.
The fabric is Chocolat by Moda, along with a Debbie Mumm fabric in chocolate brown that blended with it. My husband came down to my sewing room and I asked what he thought of our new Queen Sized Quilt, he thought I was a little confused.
I admit I have a long way to go. But if I focus, which I have a hard time doing, and only work on this one project hopefully it won't take too long to at least get ready to go to the quilter.


Nancy Anne said...

Yippee! I KNEW you'd choose the iron bed. I just love it. I wish I was ready to buy one right now. Can't wait to see Chocolat on it! Wouldn't it be awesome to have it all ready by the time the bed gets delivered? Of course, if it was me, it might be a year (or two!) before it was ready...

BJ said...

I can tell that your quilt is going to look BEAUTIFUL on that bed! Great colors!

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Get busy girl..that bed will be here before you know it. Emily got her iron bed and she loves it. S.Pie is finished. Yipee.


Susan said...

I think you'll really enjoy that iron bed. My sister picked out a picture of an iron bed and showed it to her husband. He said, "I could make one like that." And, he did!

That quilt is going to look beautiful!

Becky said...

Your new quilt and new bed are great choices!!!! Don't you love when a decision has been finally made and you're content with the decision?