Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

I know I am a little late with wishing everyone a happy New Year, but this is the first chance I have had. Things have been really hectic in my world recently, if the holidays weren't enough. My mom had surgery in December for ovarian cancer followed by her first chemo treatment last week. She lives 5 hours away in north Mississippi. I spent the last week with her. It was a good visit, but I was more than ready to get back home and in a routine.
I am so hoping that 2009 is a better year for me and my family. 2008 was about the worst ever. I am really looking forward to starting a new year, at work, at home, and at school. Yes, I am heading back to school. I start tomorrow night, working on my specialist degree in Library Media. I have talked about it for a couple of years and kept putting it off. I decided if I was ever going to do it now was the time. It was been a little over 10 years since I was in school I know this will be an adjustment. But it isn't keeping me from making New Year's Resolutions. There are three resolutions that I have made: finish one already started project a month, try one new recipe a week, and have as much fun as I possibly can. I will keep you updated on my progress.
How many of you made resolutions or goals? I would love to hear about them.

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Becky said...

Glad to see that you are home. You've definitely been on my mind. My goal, not resolution, is just to enjoy each day, to be happy! I did sew some today at my machine. I'd like to get one of these T-shirt quilts off my list.

Take care!