Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cookie Exchange

Today was the cookie exchange for the Silver Thimble Quilt Club group. I am so excited that we are getting back together. It was great to see everyone today, and to exchange cookies. Becky, Gretchen, Karen, and Cindi were there among others. I think we all enjoyed just having a moment to ourselves. Pat gave us all of the info on our new quilt group that will start meeting again in January. Pat had some wonderful quilts to show for the next quarter. Of course I signed up for two of them. Pat is a wonderful designer. If you aren't familiar with her work you should checkout her website Since I signed up for two more projects I need to get busy on some of the ones I have started.


Becky said...

Loved visiting with you on Saturday! Hope that your holidays are relaxing and absolutely wonderful!

Karin said...

Hope your Christmas is special and that 2009 is a much better year. See you later, Thimble

Silver Thimble Talk said...

Pat has wonderful friends that are so supportive...My blessings are two numerous to name!


Susan said...

The cookie exchange, fun, and fellowship were great! I am excited about our new Silver Thimble Club.

Happy New Year!