Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back Home!!

Made it back home last night. My mom was dismissed from the hospital on Thursday, got her home and settled in. Friday was spent doing things for her around the house. My original plan was to come back today, but decided to come home Saturday. I have a ton of things to get caught up on. But things haven't gone to as planned today, I had the unexpected task of defrosting and cleaning out the freezer. My husband killed the fourth deer of the year on Saturday, and there wasn't room for it in our freezer. There is now!! I also had to go picked up two quilts that I had quilted, one was a Christmas present, that means that I have to get the binding on and get it in the mail this week. Once I get the binding on I will post a photo, it is the Sassy Sixteen pattern for my brother's girlfriend. She has been hoping that I will make something for her. I hope she likes it. I have only met her a couple of times, and wasn't sure of her colors or tastes. Hope the rest of you aren't as behind as I am.

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