Saturday, July 19, 2008

Missing My Sisters

Yesterday was one of the best, and I do mean best days of my entire summer. I met at the local quilt shop for Sitch'n Sisters, it was so relaxing. Sitch'n Sisters is held two weekends a month at one of our local quilt shops. During the school year I have to go at night, but in the summer I try to attend the day time sessions. There is a monthly project you work on or you can "do your own thing." Pay Wys is our fearless leader, or Sister Superior as she is more commonly called. Many of the projects are her own designs, which are wonderful. I had to miss last month because of my surgery, so I definitely wanted to get there this month. The project his month was called Firecrackers. The shop had a kit that you could purchase but I decided to use up some of my stash for the project. Since the name of the quilt was Firecrackers. I went with a red, white and blue theme. My friend Becky was doing the same color way, so we switched out some fabrics. Another good friend, Kristie was also using up stash charm packs. Her quilt will have a vintage calico look. Very nice! Of course I didn't finish my top, even though it was very simple. This is as much a social occasion as anything. Becky headed home for dinner out with her family and Krisitie was staying for the evening, I had to get home as I had company coming for the weekend. That is why I am missing my sisters today, Becky and Kristie are back there today, probably have already finished that project and working on another. Have a great day sewing!


Silver Thimble Talk said...

You wonderful description of Sisters just makes me smile big time.. Sisters/Silver Thimble Quilt Club is as much fellowship as is it quilting. That's the way I wanted it to be from the beginning!!! We missed you today and I'm so glad you are feeling so much better.


Becky said...

I agree. That day at Sisters was fabulous! One of the best of my summer, too. I love that our Firecracker quilts will have some of the same fabric. Rather like the sewing bees of old when they shared their scraps.
Looking forward to other days of sewing together!