Saturday, June 21, 2008

Favorite Quilt Books

My friend, Becky posted a question on her blog about favorite quilt books. That is a really difficult question. I have so many! I did manage to pick out two to list. The first one Stack a New Deck, by Karla Alexander, I have actually used. The first one I made from this book, and the only one I have a photo of is a crazy heart quilt. I made it for one of my husband's cousin's who was undergoing treatment for cancer. I really enjoyed making this quilt. It was super easy, and turned out really great. I would love to do another quilt like this, in different colors. ( You can see also from the photo that I am standing in my "old kitchen". We quickly took this photo before putting the quilt in the mail.)

Another favorite quilt book is the Creative Quilt Collection, Volume One from that Patchwork Place. I have yet to make a quilt from this book, but there are several patterns that I would love to do. The quilt on the front is what prompted me to purchase it. Someday I hope to make this quilt, I think it would be a great quilt to make scrappy and use up some of my stash. Whenever I see a quilt book that has a star pattern on the front I have to look at it. My two favorite quilt patterns are anything with stars or a log cabin. What is your favorite book?

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