Monday, June 9, 2014

Great Vacation

 Last week DH had a business trip to Williamsburg, VA. (one place that I have always wanted to go to) I flew up after his business trip and so we could do some exploring, Williamsburg and the surrounding area are the perfect vacation spot for a couple of history nerds.  We spent one entire day in Colonial Williamsburg, there is so much there to see and do.  The weather was wonderful!!  We started out at the Governor's Palace, hard to imagine that people actually lived like that.  We had lunch at the Kings Arms Tavern, DH had always wanted to do there and have their peanut soup.  Not an experience that I want to repeat that had to be the worst soup ever!!
Carpet in one of the bedrooms in the Palace.  Love the colors, would be great  in a quilt

 Our second day of vacation was spent in Jamestown.  We went to Jamestown Settlement not Historic Jamestown, we didn't have time for both and decided that we would be able to see more at the Settlement.  We saw the orientation movie then went on a 90 minute tour.  Our guide was very knowledgeable, the tour ended at the recreation of the ships that brought the  first settlers to Jamestown.  I can't imagine being on one of those little ships for over 100 days with a 100 other people.

After leaving Jamestown we went to Yorktown.  There was a demonstration of how to fire a cannon.   I answered a question correctly about Molly Pitcher and was recruited to help in the  demonstration.  That was hard work.  I am on the right in the photo above.  The person who had that position had to stand there while the cannon was being fired to assist in adjusting the position of the cannon for the next fire.  This is a position that women often held.  
Three days was definitely not enough time to see everything.  Would love to go back someday.

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Gretchen said...

Colonial Williamsburg is great fun. Steve and I went there with Elliot when he was just a little guy (maybe 10 y.o.). We had a blast and still talk about funny "inside jokes" from the trip. So happy you had a great history-filled trip.