Tuesday, January 1, 2013

UFO goals for 2013

I am going to start out by saying that these aren't the best photos ever.  I should have taken some better ones, but didn't take the time.  I am proud of the progress I made last year on my UFO's, if I can do so well this year.  My first one is a Schnibble from I don't remember when, Paganini.  It is almost finished, just the borders.

Next comes a BOM from a couple of years ago, from Moose on the Porch.  There were 12 blocks I have 8 of them complete, I couldn't even find the pattern for the other 4, thankfully my friend Kristie over at M.S. Doolittle had the  patterns online no less and emailed them to me. 

I started this one about three years ago at a retreat at FFA.  I love the pattern and don't know why I haven't finished it before now.  The name of it is Black Diamonds from Country Threads.  I only have a couple of blocks finished but the fabrics are there to pick up and finish.

Believe it or not this has been on my list for three years, I am definitely finishing it this year.

Another Schnibbles, Imagine.  I can't even find all of the pieces for it.  Hopefully, I still have them so that I can finish it.  Who knew that it would take so long to make a Schnibble.

This is one that I just started in 2012, from Primitive Gatherings.  The name of it is Odds and Ends.  It is a scrappy quilt, I used civil war repros for it.  All of the strips are cut and most are sewn together.  It shouldn't take too long to get together.

Another 2012 start, this is Pat and Debby's mystery quilt.  I only have 2 more steps to go on this one.  I have seen the completed quilt and can't wait to finish it.
The other UFO's for the year include, Christmas Reel from Primitive Gatherings.  This one is nine large blocks of applique.  I have three of the blocks done.  I also want to finish two Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts, Orca Bay and Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.  I have an ambitious year planned.  If I can keep from starting too many new projects maybe I can finish all of these.  Wish me luck.

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