Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Quilting Job

During the summer I was approached by a friend, who had a friend, who wanted a quilt made.  (Since I was the only person she knew that quilted she came to me.)  The friend was expecting her first grandchild and wanted a quilt made very similar to the quilt she had as a child.  (you can see that it was a very loved quilt).  I meet with her over the summer to find out exactly what she wanted.  The original quilt had 12 blocks she only wanted 9, and instead of blues and pinks she wanted yellows and greens.  I had her pick out the blocks she wanted, we decided on colors and off I went.  I drew the 9 blocks and actually had to end up reducing them due to the number and finished size of the quilt that she wanted.  I love to do embroidery so the blocks were actually fun to do. 

I delivered the finished quilt yesterday and she was very pleased with it.  I think that it turned out pretty nice.  The only block I was not please with is the lamb on the bottom right.  I should have stitched it in a darker color, it doesn't really show up well enough.  I kept the drawings that I made because they were so cute.  They appear to have come from a 1950's coloring book.  You can't find images like that anymore.


regan said...

This little quilt is so sweet! You did an excellent job of recreating her family piece. Great job!

Doniene said...

It turned out perfect!! So very cute!!

Becky said...