Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two field trips in one week!!!

Wow, two field trips in one week!! Very different field trips at that.  Last Saturday, Kristie, Becky, and I went to the quilt shop in Cumming, Thread Bear Fabrics.  We had wanted to go for a while and finally made a morning of it.  The shop is very unusual in that it is actually in two shops, it started out as an online shop only and then opened a brick and mortar store.  I picked up a few things, got the backing for my Long Road Home top that I just finished along with a few fat quarters for our next swap, and a couple of pieces that I couldn't resist, Becky and Kristie also picked up some "needed"fabrics.  The shop has a lot of fabric, however, the way it is laid out it is hard to see a lot of the fabrics.  If you are looking for an older line of fabric that would be the place to check.
Artist Unidentified, Interned at Heart Mountain, Wyoming, Camp Scene, Wood, paint, Collection of the Japanese American Museum of San José, From "Art of Gaman" by Delphine Hirasuna, ©2005, Ten Speed. Terry Heffernan photo.The second field trip was at school today, the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum.  One of our fifth grade classes invited me to go along as a chaperon.  I haven't been on a field trip since I became a media specialist.  It was wonderful.  I was so impressed with our docent and with the  speaker, our students were spellbound.  If you ever have the chance to go, please do so it was a great experience.  One of the special exhibits at this time is the arts and crafts of the Japanese Internment camps from World War II.  The photo above is a wood carving that was created by a person in one of the camps.  I don't usually think of arts and crafts being done in the camps but it makes sense.  The unfortunate people in the camps had to do something to keep busy while interred in the camp.  The variety of arts and crafts was incredible.

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