Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and National Quilting Day

Wow, two great holidays in one day, St. Patty's Day and National Quilting Day.  I  celebrated the quilting part last night at Thimbles.  There was great show and tell as usual, Sandra had really  been busy.  She had three great quilts, I love this one, but of course I don't remember the name of it. 
Sandra's version of Yellow Brick Road, these colors are great.

Don't remember the name of this one either, but it was gorgeous.  Sandra is actually giving this one away.

Gretchen really isn't sideways, just couldn't get blogger to cooperate with me and turn it around.  This quilt is from 40 fabulous quilts, called American Beauty.

Today was busy doing house cleaning, gardening, and baking.  I remembered that I had a recipe for an Irish Cream pound cake (called for a trip to the liquor store), it is one of the prettiest pound cakes I have ever made; they usually fall apart coming out of the pan.  Not this one!!!  It came out perfectly look, and tasted wonderful.  This recipe is definitely a keeper.  Have a great St. Patrick's Day and a Quilty Day.


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Lovely quilts, but my mouth is watering over that pound cake! :-o Can you share the recipe? Have a happy weekend!

Gretchen said...

Great to see you Friday!! Pound cake looks wonderful. Hope you enjoyed it with some Irish coffee too Yum !