Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to work on the wardrobe

 The first type of sewing I ever did was fashion sewing, and I still really enjoy it.  When I was growing up my mom made our clothes to save money, that really isn't the reason today.  As expensive as fabric is, you could probably buy most things for less than you could  make them.  I still prefer to make my pants, because I can get a much better fit, and can get what I want.  I just finished a pair of navy blue linen pants and have the blue textured linen fabric to the left to make a vest.  I am making the long  buttoned version.  It shouldn't take too long, it is a Vogue Very Easy pattern, but sometimes those can me misleading.

I just finished the black rayon dress to the right, I know the photo
is awful.  It looks like a black and white sack hanging there.  It was a new pattern from company that I have never used before and I was hesitant about making it.  I have to admit that it fits better than a lot of dresses I have made and was really easy to make.  Once I finish the vest, above, I have another pair of pants and a shirt to make.  That will probably be it for my summer wardrobe sewing. 


Kathie said...

the dress looks really comfy too, love the color!

Becky said...

Bet your dress looks great on you! Great job! I'm impressed that you completed it.