Sunday, April 17, 2011

Look out Webster's

 This weekend was Thimbles weekend, and I needed it so much.  I had been looking forward to it all week, when I got there after school, Kristie was already there, and Becky had been there all day.  It took a while for the rest of the regulars to trickle in. I was trying to finish up my patches and pinwheels from Bonnie Hunter that I started last year, it is one UFO that I am determined will be finished before the end of the year.  While working on it, I had to take time out to visit with everyone and see what they were working on, plus all of the wonderful show and tell.  Here is Kristie with one of her finished quilts.  She is showing off her very own quilting.  Way to go Kristie.

Karen's quilt made with the twister ruler.

The back of Karen's quilt, with its very own Schnibbles backing.Who would have thought?
Sarah's paper piecing blocks, they are gorgeous.

Karen's beautiful jelly roll Lilac Hill, and of course she is making a Schnibble to go on the back of it. 
It is thanks to  Karen that we can be on the look out for a new word.  If you read Karen's blog, you will know all about her aversion to applique.  When our leader, Pat, was showing one of her new patterns (I can't show that) and Karen saw the applique she said she couldn't start it until she found the right stapler.  I quickly coined the new quilting method, staplaque. I think she might be on to something if she can just figure out what to do with those rough edges from the stapler. I am anxious to see her first finished piece. 

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Kathie said...

great quilts love the way she added another quilt to the back of one!
very fun!
thanks for sharing , glad you had fun sewing with friends, makes it even more special doesn't it?