Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Reading Part 2

I know that summer isn't technically over yet, but I tend to think of it as being over when I have to head back to school. (which happened three weeks ago for me.) After my earlier post on summer reading, I read some other books that were really good. One of my favorites was Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas. I have read all of her books and this one was really good. The main character Hennie, is in her 80's when the book opens and she gradually tells her story to a new, young neighbor named Nit Spindle. As with most of her books, quilting is involved and plays a part in the story. I have to say I was very surprised by the ending of the book, a good read. After reading this book I found another of her books, New Mercies, at the local library and read it. It was set in Natchez, Mississippi; since I am from Mississippi I could relate to a lot of what Nora, the main character was experiencing. The south can be a bit overwhelming for someone visiting for the first time.
Larry McMurtry is one of those authors that I either really like his books or have trouble finishing them. Loop Group, fortunately fell into the first category, think Thelma and Louise in their fifties. Maggie and Connie are best friends who live in Hollywood and work in the film industry. Maggie misses her womb and Connie wants a man. This book follows their adventures, on a trip to visit Maggie's aunt in Texas. It is very funny.

I also discovered a new mystery series by Laura Childs, The Cackleberry Club. Childs is also the author of The Tea Shop series and The Scrapbook series. The first in the new series is called, Eggs in Purgatory. It is set in a restaurant/gift shop that is operated by three women. It was good, I like the Tea Shop series better, but I would read additional books in this series.
Another really good book that I just finished is The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. This is a first novel by Jamie Ford. It is another historical fiction novel set in Settle, when the book opens the year is 1986 and Henry is walking by the Panama Hotel where items belonging to the displaced Japanese from WWII have just been discovered. This discovery takes Henry back in time to his first love.

You can probably tell that I enjoy historical fiction, it probably is one of my favorite genres, but I will read almost anything.

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Carol said...

I have read all of Laura Child's and just love Sandra Dallas. Her Prayers For sale was just great. I am going to order the book by Jamie Ford from the library.