Sunday, November 9, 2008

More Clothing Sewing

I had planned on working on my applique blocks this weekend, but somehow got sidetracked finishing a dress, and working on a jacket. The jacket is an Indygo Junction pattern. I love their patterns, they are very simple and always go together perfectly. I found a great print corduroy that is burgundy and a grayish green. I was lucky enough to find a solid in the grayish green to do a pair of pants.

The jacket sewing was on top of the yard work that I did. It was such a gorgeous day yesterday that I worked out in the yard most of the morning. We have three maple trees that have decided to lose their leaves at different times. Two down one to go. I also did some work in our little garden. I pulled up the pepper plants and the tomato vines. The tomato vines were still loaded with green tomatoes. I guess I will take them to school tomorrow. I am over both tomatoes and peppers. We had enough that I was able to can almost 40 quarts of tomatoes and have put numerous bags of peppers in the freezer. I will be glad this winter, but it is very time consuming.

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Becky said...

Glad someone had tomatoes. Our bushes just dried up. Not any veggies.

Jacket pattern looks neat. Post a picture of your outfit when you finish.