Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sewing/Relaxing Weekend

This has been the best weekend I have had in some time. Friday night was spent sewing at Stitch n' Sisters. I actually finished a top and left it to be quilted while at the shop. It was the pattern Sassy Sixteen. I had purchased fat quarters for it earlier in the summer. I needed something that I could finish fairly quickly, since it will be a Christmas present. I really enjoyed making it. I have some Civil War fabrics that I am thinking of doing from the same pattern. The pieces fit together perfectly.
On Saturday I spent the afternoon at Spa Sydell. My wonderful husband thought I needed a treat, so he purchased me an afternoon there. It was wonderful. I felt like a noodle when I left, a noodle with really soft skin and wonderful feeling hands. I didn't do any yard work this weekend because I didn't want to ruin my manicure.
Since I didn't want to do yard work, I spent the evening sewing. I had gotten a couple of months behind on my Good Book Club blocks. I did the blocks for August and September. My goal was to complete the year's worth of blocks without
purchasing any fabric. I had some scraps of a turquoise batik that I was using, but unfortunately I have used all that I had. I am going to have to try to locate a batik that is similar to it. I am pleased with the way the blocks are turning out.
After an afternoon of sewing, I watched part of the UGA game, Go Dawgs!!! Ended up switching over to Pride and Prejudice and staying up until almost 1:00 watching that. It was a good movie, one I had not seen before. I have never read that book, now I feel the need to read the book and compare the book to the movie.

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Becky said...

I was a bit worried when you weren't there to sew with us on Saturday, but what a fabulous treat for you. Sewing or the Spa? Two excellent choices. You can't go wrong.