Thursday, May 8, 2008

Great New Magazine

I am really getting into this scrap thing, I am working on Bonnie Hunter's "Orange Crush". I am anxious to see what it will look like when finished. I purchased this magazine last week, and have found at least two quilts that I would someday like to make. You notice I said someday. I would like to do "Let's Party" and Starring Geese." They both look like they would use a lot of scraps.
One thing I have trouble with is storing my scraps. How do most of you store your scraps? Would love some advice.
Happy quilting.

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Becky said...

Morning! Gretchen mentioned this magazine in one of her posts, too. I bought the new Quilt Sampler magazine. It's fun to read about the different shops. I'm working on Orange Crush. I'm still on step 2. Did you see Step 4 was posted yesterday? The blocks look good. I'm hoping to get step 2 and 3 finished this weekend. Have you looked at the free patterns on Bonnie's site? Lots of them use scraps. I have many FQ's in plastic drawers. I'm working on my scrap system, too.

Have a great weekend!