Monday, March 2, 2015

Have you had this conversation?

This is the wool applique that I have been working on.
My DH just asked what I was working on, I said it is one section of a quilt and showed it to him.  It is a wool applique block that is a stitch a long that I am doing on Facebook.  While looking at it he asked what is that on the floor in the living room?  Oh that, I am finishing the binding on that quilt.  "You have more than one quilt that you are working on?"  Yes, I have several.  What is that on the wall in your sewing room, is that a third quilt you are working on?  I don't get it why do you have so many projects started?  I tried to explain, but realized that I really didn't have a good answer other that that is just the way it is.   I didn't tell him about the ones that I have boxed up that he can't see.  It made  me realize that I have way too  many quilts started.  I definitley need to finish some of these quilts. It  has been a while since I have had a finish, other that the one I just put binding on.   I guess I can make a resolution at any time of the year.  I am going to finish some of these quilts!!
This is on the design wall in my sewing room.  Hope to finish it soon.

This is what I just finished the binding on.


kristie said...

Oh like that last one! Is it hand applique? The stars are also DH doesn't even ask any

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Funny! I guess it depends on how long you have been quilting. My husband gave up asking long ago! Keep up the good work - the more projects the better!