Sunday, November 10, 2013

What it is November?

Can you believe that it is already November?  I can't.  Where has this  year gone.  I am finally feeling better from my gum graft and think that I will survive.  That  means that I need to start thinking about Christmas.  I have a lot of my shopping done, but need to finish.  Each year my goal is to be finished with all of  my shopping by Thanksgiving.  I think I will make it.  Aside from starting to worry about Christmas, I have been busy dyeing wool.  I absolutely love my wool dyeing and wish that it was  full time job.  Oh well, maybe someday it will be.  While dyeing wool yesterday I decided to walk over to the estate sale that was going on across the street.  I found a couple of things I had to have, the first was an old sled.  I have seen a lot of pins on Pintrest where people have used these on their porch or inside to  decorate for Christmas.  I  have long thought this would be a good thing to have but in all of my antiquing I have never come across one.  This one was the very first thing I saw at the estate sale and to top it off it was only 5.00 can you believe that?  I will definitely use this this year for Christmas.  My other purchase was a table that you will see later.  Hope everyone is having  a wonderful November.

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marie said...

What a score! I have an old sled that I put by the front door with a spray of greens and a red bow. It looked out of place when I lived in Fl but now that I am in the NW it is perfect. You will enjoy yours for years to come.