Friday, May 3, 2013


 Last fall while in Houston for Quilt Market I found a stitchery pattern that I just had to have, This Little Piggy , by Scarlet Today.  (I have several of their patterns and love all of them.)I wanted to get started on it right away but too many other projects kept calling my name.  Before going to my mom's house for spring break a few weeks ago, I got the pattern out and traced 4 of the piggies.  I managed to finish three of them while at her house.  Last night I traced 4 more piggies, only 4 more to trace. 
Working on one of the "girl" pigs.
Piggie after cookies, my favorite.

Piggie carrying wood.

I think this is a dancing piggie!

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kristie said...

I remember you getting this!! Fun. k