Monday, April 22, 2013

An explosion of wool

One reason for my absence in blog world is the explosion of wool that has happened at my house.   Over the last few weeks I have been oh so busy dyeing wool.  You can see that I have pretty much covered the color spectrum, all the way from pastels to dark orange and red.  Last week was a great week in the wool business, Saturday I had to make deliveries to several different stores in the Atlanta area.  That normally isn't much of a problem, however Saturday the traffic was awful and I do mean awful.  I knew that I had to go to Marietta and since there was construction on 285 I decided to take 85 that was a mistake, 85 was completed closed had to backtrack, get on 285 sit through that road work, then to 75 where they were also doing construction.  Finally got to my destination, only a couple of hours late.  I hate to be late.  I was so over the traffic that I decided to scrap my plans of doing some shopping and going straight home.  I did get some sewing done, more on that later this week.

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Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! What a gorgeous pile! Have a happy day!