Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Retreat fun

Last weekend was the Silver Thimble retreat in Ellijay.  It was my first time and did I have an adventure.  The sewing was wodnerful.  I meet some wonderful new firends from Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida.  It is great to see what other people are making and get ideas from them.  The pillow below was  made by Maxine from North Carolina using yoyo's and precrocheted flowers.  I definitely see one of these in  my future.  It was too cute. 
This cute selvage bag was made by (teacher) Linda.  There were three Linda's in our group.  She made her own pattern and had all of the selvages color coordinated.  Another really cute idea.
I have been trying to move all of the photos around, I give up, you will have to get a mixed up recap of the trip. 

A little snow was predicted on Saturday, maybe an inch.  This is what we got, about 5 inches.  Several of us left on Saturday  morning to go to the quilt shop in Blue Ridge, while there it started snowing.  After leaving the quilt shop we headed to Starbucks, after a fabric fix we had to have a coffee fix.  Little did we realize that it would come a blizzard while we were getting coffee.  By the time we were on the road back to the lodge the roads had become iced over and were undriveable.  Jane was driving, and boy did she do a great job of trying to get us back.  However the ice and snow was too much.  Carla and I decided to get out and walk since our cell phones weren't working.  After we left, Jane decided to try to get up the hill one more time and ended up in a ditch.  Luckily her car is ok and everyone made it back in one piece, even the fabric.

More Snow, loved these snow covered chairs.

This is an antique quilt that Bonnie brought with her.  It was gorgeous, made of of all silks, and silk velvets. 
Kristie in the sewing room.  We are really going to miss Kristie, she is moving to West Monroe, LA next week.


kristie said...

OMG were we really that messy! k

barbara woods said...

I'm in n w georgia