Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Where are my t-shirts?"

This was a question from my DH last week, when he was looking for a t-shirt t put on to work in the garden.  My response, "I had to put some in the rag bag because they were so old, and had holes in them".  "All of them, some of those were my favorites".  Crossing my fingers, "I can dig them out if you really want them back".  "No, I will just go buy some cheap ones at CVS."  Yes, I lied to my DH about his t-shirts, I had to.  Well, it was only a partial lie, part of the shirts are in the rag bag, the part that was left after I cut them up!  I am making my very first t-shirt quilt.  DH and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary this summer and I decided to make him a quilt with t-shirts from each vacation we have had in the last 15 years.  I have most of the t-shirts cut with the stabilizer on the back.  I have also got the background with the borders attached.  The hard part is going to be deciding how to place the t-shirts on the background.  Got to get busy, our anniversary is in June. 

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