Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pigs Everywhere

 It has been a while since I posted, probably because I am exhausted every night when I get home from school.  That also means that there is little or no sewing happening at my house,  hopefully this will change soon.  Since there is no sewing to show, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show off some of my pigs.  It seems like pigs are everywhere, big pigs,small pigs, pink ones, blue ones, yellow ones, stuffed ones, painted ones, ceramic ones.  They are every where.  The pig painting at the left was in a restaurant we visiting while on vacation in Waynesville, North Carolina.  Loved it but not at 250.00.
Piggy bank in a fabric shop in Dahalonega.
Stanley the Salt Pig

Collection of my pigs at school

Piggy Timer, thanks Kristie.

Piggies at my house. 

Ceramic piggy that DH uses for his teabags.
I don't have pigs every where it just looks like it.  I grew up on a farm where we had pigs, and I was always fascinated with them.  I even sang to them.  My brother always told me that is why the meat was sometimes tough.  (and if you have ever heard me sing you would agree).  When I became a media specialist and discovered Olivia, my love for pigs was reborn.  I try to keep them all at school, it is something that I can keep there and share with the students.  However, I do have a few at home that DH has given me over the years.  My favorite one is a little one that was under our Christmas tree a few years ago, wearing a beautiful ring for a bracelet.  I could get used to that kind of pig.  Is there any animal that you notice where ever you are? 


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Cute pigs! I grew up on a farm too, but I didn't sing to the pigs. LOL I love turtles! ;-) Have a happy day!

Lori said...

Border Collies! Even my husband and grown daughter notice them.