Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and figs oh my!!!

 This week has been packed with just toooooo much to do.  It was the week of our Silver Thimble Stitch-in, which I was signed up for four wonderful days of sewing with friends.  Well life got in the way, big time.  This gardening stuff is lots of work.  On Tuesday night we picked not one but two five gallon buckets of figs and you know that figs wait for no quilter.  This is my first batch of fig preserves.  While this was cooking I also had almost a bushel of corn to deal with, okra, and jalapeno peppers.  In the midst of all of this my brother (who is moving to Atlanta today) called and wanted to know if I could go pick up the house key from the realtor.  I need to learn to say no, with a capital N.
 The fig preserves finished and ready to eat.  I made three batches, two are fig/strawberry, the other is fig/raspberry.  I also put two gallon bags of figs in the freezer.   I found a great recipe for a Fig Upside down cake in this month's issue of Paula Deen's magazine.  It is wonderful. 

Can't forget about the cucumbers.  These are the 14 day pickles that I have been working on for 14 days.  Now today maybe I can get back to sewing.  But first I am meeting a good friend for lunch, then heading  back to the stitch in. 

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