Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arts Council Quilt Show

 Each year the Blue Ridge Arts Council sponsors a quilt show during the summer.   This year the show happened to fall over the Fourth of July weekend.  I convinced DH that we just had to go.  There were some wonderful quilts.  (I plan on having some of my quilts in the show next year).  It is a small show but there are some wonderful quilts.  I always enjoy going to this show, however, the lighting leaves a lot to be desired.  The quilts really aren't show to their best advantage.

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Sandra Henderson said...

Those are beautiful! The one, looks like a stained glass window! Had to click on it!!! I can't wait to start getting out now and going to things like this. We want to go up your way soon. Go on up into the mtns of NC, up near Syvla area is where we are looking for property. Anywhere in SW NC or NW GA, but want it affordable and "country", not snooville. lol
Let us know if you have any suggestions. We want down to earth areas. XO