Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mini Shop Hop

I love that quote, "a bed without quilts is like the sky without stars". That is a sign at A Scarlet Thread, one of the stops on our mini shop hop on Monday. It was definitely mini we only went to two shops, but that was enough. We had a great time. Our first stop was A Scarlet Thread. It is one of the best shops, they have everything!I found a great skirt pattern that I just had to have. They even had one made up, and it is made from a Jelly Roll, what will they do with those things next? I also bought a jacket pattern and the fabric for the jacket. Too bad I didn't find any fabric for a skirt.

They always have some great samples made up!!

Our second stop was Intown Quilters, unfortunately I forgot to take my camera in with me. I did find fabric for a skirt, actually two different pieces. I managed to be a good girl and only buy those two pieces.


Sandra Henderson said...

you are so lucky to have such great shops near you! The only one in these parts is up on St. Simons Island, Steppingstones.
I love that skirt. So glad to see folks making more clothese. There's a new blog I found on my list where she makes a lot of children's clothes. Can't remmeber the name of it right now, but it wonderful.

Micki said...

That shop looks like it is wonderful! How nice that you live near it. I love the skirt pattern!

Becky said...

Fun day! It was great finding some new goodies! Hope you are having a wonderful 4th! Good luck on your trip to Mississippi. I'm going to Baton Rouge next week.

Susan said...

Great quilt shop - what is the pattern of the quilt on the wall, do you know? Very interesting, have not seen it before. Sounds like you had a great time.