Monday, March 29, 2010

Great Way to Spend a Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday I had the best time with a group of my sewing friends. Pat from Silver Thimble had arranged a special applique class taught by Wanda Hizer. It was a great class. I have done some applique in the past, but have never taken a class. What I know I had picked up from books or from watching friends. I learned so much yesterday, Wanda is a great teacher. I
was totally amazed by her applique. You should have seen the bird's eyes that she did, they were minuscule, and I do mean minuscule. She taught several different techniques, needle turn, reverse applique, cut away, a starch technique, and a technique with glue. I liked the needle turn and the starch method. I can see myself using both of those techniques in the future.

Debbie and Pat were on their best behavior, working very hard on their hearts.

Becky is showing off her needle turned heart. It looked great! Of course after the class we had to head upstairs to Little Quilts and do some shopping. As you know from previous postings, I am on a fabric diet, I stuck to it. I bought some silk thread for applique, some needles, and some pre-printed quilt labels. No fabric came home with me yesterday.

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Busy Little Quilter said...

Wow. It would be hard for me to leave Little Quilts without buying fabric! I love it there!

It looks like you all had a great time learning how to do hand applique.