Friday, July 10, 2009

Thimbles Stitch-in

All this week my friends have been sewing their little fingers off at the Silver Thimble Stitch In. I was out of town the first part of the week and unable to attend. I went yesterday and had paid for today, but I can't believe I am saying this, I was toooo tired to go. After all of the driving I have been doing, I just couldn't sit all day. I managed to get some work done around the house today, and actually cleaned some in my sewing room. I organized the projects I worked on yesterday, if you could call it worked. I was so unorganized, I didn't have most of what I needed. I did manage to work on four projects, completing none of them. The first project I worked on was an BOM that I just started from Homestead Hearth, ( I love their BOM's). This one is an Elm Creek Project, Sylvia's unprepared, I had not copied the patterns for paper piecing. The next project I attempted was the Christmas lights from Bonnie Hunter. I didn't have everything for Bridal Quilt. I finished one block, you get more that one block per month, but as I was that either, but my friend Becky did give me some of her stash so I could work on it some. I put that aside at lunch time to work on a swap that I did with another Bonnie Hunter pattern, Bricks and Stepping Stones. I did manage to get all of the four patches done for that quilt. The pattern calls for 112 4 patches. I used the same black and white for all of those, now just to get the bricks attached to them and get it put together. Teresa in our group finished hers yesterday. I hope to get mine done soon.
After finishing the four patches I decided to work on some Christmas Stockings. I think they are so cute! Using one of the Moda Honey Bun packs you can get 6 little stockings. They will make great little gift card holders for Christmas. I finished one, now I have 5 more to go, but they go together very quickly.

I missed all of my friends sewing today, hope they had a great time. I will see all of them next week for our regular monthly sewing time.


Susan said...

I'm glad that you were able to join the stitch-in for part of the time. At least, you were able to get some things accomplished. The Bricks and Stepping Stones pattern that Teresa finished is really neat!

Becky said...

We did miss you on Friday, but we did understand. Hope that you have rested and some sewing time is working itself into your schedule.